Continuarán la saga de los "Principes Demonio" de Jack Vance

El escritor Matthew Hughes anuncia que ha llegado a un acuerdo con el hijo de Jack Vance para continuar la saga de los Príncipes Demonio

I’ve come to an agreement with Jack Vance’s son, John, that I will be writing a sequel to Jack Vance’s iconic Demon Princes series. A contract is being drawnup.
I’m not an outliner, but I’ve sketched out an idea for the story: a young person, not sure yet if it’s male or female, returns to the world called Providence and the community of Mount Pleasant. This was the site of a slave-taking raid by the five megacriminals known collectively as the Demon Princes, whom Kirth Gersen devoted his life to tracking down and killing.
The returnee has escaped from slavery and come to reclaim the family property – as well as something precious buried there.
But the ghost town has been repopulated by sinister people – I’m thinking maybe a cult or some kind of radical political organization. So my underdog has to undergo trials and tribulations.
I’m very much looking forward to this.


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